The American Legion - Slate Ridge Post 182

Finance Officer's Comments
Finance Officer
Mr. John Grubb
"You are the keeper of the moneys and in you is reposed the financial policy of the Post.  To you is given charge of the year's budget and to you is given the duty of the payment of all obligations when proper authorization has been given for such payment.  Your position is an important one, demanding integrity and honesty.  Your election to this office signifies that your comrades have implicit trust in you.  Guard well that trust."


I am proud to serve as your Post Finance Officer.  When I look at our organization, I have to look at it as a business.  We have five employees, we pay monthly sales tax, we pay federal matching 941 taxes both monthly and quarterly (social security and medicare), we pay Maryland and Pennsylvania state taxes, we pay Maryland unemployment taxes each quarter, and at the end of the year we file federal tax returns and W4 forms for each employee.  I write approximately ninety checks each month to pay our bills.  I keep busy, but I am proud to serve our Legion, community, and our state.
                                                            Finance Officer
                                                                           John Grubb